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Facilitate continuous improvement BSBMGT516C Improvement plan Assessment task 2 Sirly Engelbrecht My assessment is about seafood restaurant in Fremantle – Joes Fish Shack. I was working there for quite long time and I’m confident to do my assessment based on that restaurant. 1. Provide your organisation information: Joes Fish Shack’s vision is to be the market leaders in their business with a commitment to service, quality and value. To be a trusted, reliable partner in business for customers, clients, staff, communities and principles. To enable term growth and progress. Their mission is to continually strive for the best in everything; the best in service, the best in food quality, the best in human resources and the…show more content…
* No proper training provided for new staff. Management expects from new people to know everything already. * Salary is low and there are no benefits – no weekend rates, no holiday rates. Workers have to pay for their food on their break. * Main manager’s attitude. He doesn’t treat his employees with respect and that is also the reason why loads of good staff is leaving too. * Communication problems. Different managers give different demands and tasks to do. They don’t communicate with each other properly and it causes plenty of problems. When wait staff doesn’t understand what exactly to do it will affect the quality of the service. * Main manager’s attitude when communicating with

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