Improvement Plan For Improving Improvement At School With Its Respective Standards And Pertinent Goals

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Section Three: Improvement Plan It is important to create a plan to guarantee the development of the improvement at school with its respective standards and pertinent goals. In the School Improvement Plan (SIP) it is found information, where the school wants to be or it is asked to be, is encounter information of where the school wants to be or is required to be, it is a resource to develop the process and the goals to achieve. The school leader is the one that sets the goals at school? Where is the goals based on? Bernhard, (2004) mentions that the plan for improvement has to be align with the analyzed data, where administrators, teachers and other school personnel will collaborate for a common goal the learning acquisition of the students. The student’s scores reflect that are some gaps in the skills for the L.A. Gillland Elementary School, for this it is necessary to work in vertical teams and create a schedule to allow teacher to collaborate among different grade levels. Plan: It is necessary to create a schedule to allow teacher to vertical collaborate in order to analyze data, identify Gaps , establish target goals, for all these it is necessary the modification of the schedule (Gililland, 2014). The Eagle Mountain ISD had assigned four half days that are build in the school calendar for professional trainings, those days will be perfect for the vertical collaboration. Also to empower the collaboration among teachers will be beneficial to create a schedule where it
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