Improvement of the Quality in the Automobile Industry

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3 Methodology This work is done to study the improvement of the quality in automobile industry. This chapter consists three sections named as “Problem definition”, “Objectives” and “Methodology of the study” respectively. The section 3.1 named as “Problem definition” describes the challenge or difficulty that is to be solved. The solution may be achieved after fulfilling the objective by using some sub-objectives that are described in section 3.2 named as “Objectives”. The methodology described in section 3.3 in details. This methodology has been devised keeping in mind the view of “Problem definition” and the “Objectives” that are suggested for the fulfilment of the solution for the problem. 3.1 Problem definition In small scale automobile part manufacturing company producing a large amount of products. A multiproduct manufacturing facility has the wide process which involves a large number of variables such as quality characteristics. Each and every product has been different quality characteristics which are measured on the manufacturing line. But when multiple products are produced or manufacturing trough a single processing line in multi product manufacturing facility, individual process monitoring strategies are used for monitoring the process of individual parts. So the challenge is that to develop a statistical process control charts for detection and implementation of faults using the quality characteristics. 3.2 Objectives In master thesis a quality control
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