Improvements On Meals On Wheels Essay

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Improvements on “Meals on Wheels” program in Rosemead city 1.Introduction: “Meals on Wheels” program in Rosemead city is a non-profit project that focusing on delivery food to aged, disabled and sick people’s home so that they can stay independent in their own home. This easy will discuss some improvements to this program in order to better meet the population’s needs. 2.Demographic analysis i. General demographic data: According to the American Community Survey, in 2010, there are about 53,764 people living in the city of Rosemead city. There are 49.3% of male population and 50.7% of female population. In 2014, there are 54,457 people living in this city and the percentage of male and female is 48.7% and 51.3%. So we can see that the trend of the population is increasing. Rosemead city is a multiracial city. Asian, African American, Latino and other races people live together in this city. Most of the people are under 65 years old but the median age is 40.4 years old, which is not a very young age. There are 15,336 housing units and 14,247 households. Within all the households, 3085 householders that are over 65 years old and there are 1739 householders that live alone. The median household income is 44,524 and there are about 20.3% people living under poverty level. ii. High needs of the city: Older population: There are 7,295 people over 65 years old, which makes it count 13.6% of the total population in 2010. In 2014, there are 7736 people over 65 years old living in
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