Improvements in Business Excellence

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Improvements in Business Excellence Introduction The business environment is becoming more and more competitive. This means that companies must develop innovative strategies in their attempt to develop their business and improve their situation on the market. There are several strategies that companies can use in order to reach these objectives. The most successful strategies rely on innovation. However, innovation requires significant investments. Research Question The research question that this research proposal intends to focus on is: How improvements in business excellence could assist the company in becoming innovative? Research hypotheses The research project is intended to validate the following hypotheses. Hypothesis # 1 Improvements in business excellence determine improved performance from employees. Hypothesis # 2 Improvements in business excellence determine increased levels of innovation. Hypothesis # 3 It is not necessary to improve business excellence in order to develop innovation. Hypothesis # 4 Business excellence does not determine improved innovation in any conditions. Hypothesis # 5 Innovation is influenced by several factors, and it cannot be determined what the impact of business excellence is on improving innovation. Significance the Knowledge The issue of business excellence determines significant interest from companies, scholars, professors, and others. This is because it is expected that business excellence can be one
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