Improven Stereotypes In The Outsiders By S. E. Hinton

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Often in society, stereotypes govern the way that people think about one another. People don't always take the time to get to know one another and, instead, let their uninformed thoughts about each other rule their way of communication. When people do this, however, they are not thinking about the other person's feelings and what their thoughts can lead to. Similarly, in The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, the Greasers and the Socs use unproven stereotypes to guide their feelings against each other, causing them to think they are different but in the end they realize they are more similar than they thought. Stereotyping causes conflict that leads to prejudicial thoughts, hurt feeling, and violent fights.

Throughout the book the author shows that
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Near the middle of the book Ponyboy has a conversation with Cherry where he is talking about how he has some bad feeling about her. Ponyboy addresses that Cherry is a “traitor to your own kind and not loyal to us. Do you think that your spying for us makes up for the fact that you're sitting there in a corvette while my brother dropped out of school to get a job… she wasn't crying but was about to”(129). Here Ponyboy is basically talking trash about Cherry because he thinks about what the Socs did to the Greasers a while back, and since the Socs don’t mind a jumped and beaten Greaser, Ponyboy is thinking Cherry does not either. Plus he has seen her just sitting around in the mustangs while the Soc boys are beating up a greaser. This caused him to use stereotypes to figure out a reason she is doing that, without any proof at all. This really hurt Cherry’s feelings because Ponyboy does not know the reasons she does nothing, he does not know why she shows no actions toward helping them. Since he does not know he is saying hurtful and powerful things to Cherry, making him the bad person since him using stereotypes causes Cherry to cry. Since these stereotypes are being let into people's heads, they create hurt feelings since they have no thoughts about what the stereotype can and will do to the other
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