Improving A Cutting Edge Technology Position

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Introduction The purpose of the article is to establish that an IT strategy focused on maintain a cutting edge technology position is the most effective way to support any kind of overall business strategy. Not only will this article address this issue, but it will also display that a cutting edge is needed to gain and maintain a prominent position in any prospective market. It should be noted that when this article speaks of “cutting edge” of technology this is actually speaking of alignment of the organization’s business and IT strategy. With this being said why then are many organizations not aligning their business and IT strategy together? This report will view why this remains a problem. Additionally, this document will…show more content…
Wherein this might have been possible in times past, it appears that in the future it will mean a decrease in revenue for these organizations. Another reason for a lack of alignment is that the key players of the organization are not on the same sheet of music. When this happens it is nearly impossible to form an internal alignment of types. In this situation information technology is wasted. The motive is because one key ingredient to alignment is collaboration. Collaboration is actually about effective communicating. In this forum not only is information shared—it is also redefined into new ideas. All of this is not possible if key players of the organization do not work collaboratively. The Right Combination The solution to what ills the alignment of IT strategy and business strategy can be found in the alignment of the organization’s CEO, CIO, and CFO. In order for the business strategy and the IT strategy to come together to for any type of alignment (cutting edge) there must be harmony among this group. The reason why this select few people are important to the alignment process is because of their roles inherent within the organization. Below is an illustration followed by a brief description of each role and what that person would be expected to bring to the organization. ------------------------- CEO: (could also be known as President of GMs, MD or ED), as the
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