Improving A Different Department If Job Progression Arises

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opportunities to move/transfer to a different department if job progression arises. It is important that clear lines of communication/training opportunities are set up within the organisation to facilitate effective opportunities for career pathways to develop. The training I have received within the department at Havering have included on the job training and learning from senior members of the team by shadowing them in their daily work. I have also completed New Roads & Street Works (NRSWA) training which required me to complete in house training to complete this course. Traffic Order training is also another part of the training I have received whilst at Havering, this taught me how to write out the traffic orders correctly and how to understand and enforce the appropriately. 1.3 There are a variety of sources of information that is available to the public based on an industry, occupation, training and career pathway. The public can find information on the local councils website about the industry in which I work. It details the job role and services of various departments within the organisation. There are links within the website that inform the public about varius professions within the council, also it provides external links to other websties that provide information about training and career pathways withon the local authority and wider circle. 1.4 Within an organization there are many principles within a code of conduct and code of practice. These are a selection
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