Improving A Small Set Of Targeted Skills

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Personal development is an active, circular process that one pursues in order to improve on a small set of targeted skills or competencies. Most people are interested in developing competencies associated with your interpersonal skills/style and general managerial skills: The term competencies is meant to be an overarching term that includes behaviors, skills, and styles. The development process is generally segmented into four interrelated phases or steps (2016, May 7) Retrieved from • Assessing competencies to identify strengths and weaknesses • Identifying developmental activities to build on strengths and…show more content…
Ideas and concepts I am very strong in creation and reforming ideas and concepts. I can use brainstorm and sketching techniques to enforce my concept development process on an effective and clear way. Integrating technology During my former experiences I have worked a lot in the competency of integrating technology. Where I was integrating few mechanics into programing languages. My weaknesses: English In the past I have worked on my English by I have to maintain this development because my English is still not on the level it used to be. I will work on my English for the rest of my bachelor and I hope to reach the proper level at the end of my bachelor. Descriptive and mathematical modeling I have a very weak insight into advanced mathematical structures. I need to work on this because I want to develop myself further in design- ing intelligent systems and obtaining the proper level of mathematical skills is necessary to reach that goal. Believe in strangers I feel free to talk to strangers get connected with them. However, sometimes it brings good for you and sometimes it may not. I have keep myself restricted from strangers and have little chat with instead of more drama. A development plan will often be part of your leadership life. This will help you track achievements, areas for improvement, long-term objectives and training plans. In order to be effective, you must consider the following. • Success criteria must be realistic – if they
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