Improving Access For Preventative Health Services

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Executive Summary
Conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes account for 75% of health care spending in the United States and ( However, many of these chronic conditions are preventable with proper preventative screenings and care. The passage of the Affordable Care and the expansion of Medicaid increased the number of preventative care services available to Medicaid beneficiaries, however there are still many barriers preventing people from getting proper care. This policy paper analyzes possible options to improve access to preventative health services and then provides recommendations. This policy brief is targeted towards the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid who administer the Medicaid program as well as state agencies that regulate the Medicaid program in each state. The CMS has the power to help prevent diseases in a large population of people and this brief will argue why it is their responsibility to do so. The purpose of this brief is that Medicaid administrators will realize the gaps in coverage and implement reforms to help some of the most high risk people in the United States.
Preventative care services are important because preventing diseases before they occur will lead to healthier homes, communities, workplaces, and economies so that people can lead more productive lives and reduce their health care costs. Preventative care services will increase the health and quality of life of Americans as many common health problems can
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