Improving Access For Psychiatric Treatment For Children

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of Improving Access to Psychiatric Treatment for Children Shuana Fletcher 582 Social Work Practice II Marco Issue Paper Jackson State University December 5th, 2014 Table of Contents Abstract/Summary of…show more content…
Researchers estimates that one in ten children and adolescents suffers from illness severe enough to cause some level of psychiatric problems in the United States (Gonazles, 2005). Internationally, the World Health Organization predicted has by year 2020 individuals suffering from psychiatric disorders will increase by over 50% to become one of the most five common cause of mortality, morbidity and impairment in children (Department of Health and Human Services, 2000 as cited in Gonalzes, 2005). Sadly, counties with a shortage of mental health service providers are rural counties, and primary care physicians provide most mental health services in rural areas if services are available at all. In addition less than 20% of psychotropic medications dispensed in the United States, whether rural or urban practice settings, are practitioners with mental health training (Campbell, Kearns & Patchin, 2006). This paper will attempt to explore the benefits of expanding School Base Mental Health programs and improving access to mental health treatment for in rural or urban areas and minimize stigma. Introduction According to (Whitley & Henwood, 2014) the right to life, in its most basic definition, has been encroached for people living with severe mental challenges. Furthermore studies found that people with psychiatric problems have significantly reduced life expectancies, as well as higher standardized
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