Improving An Employee 's Stress Level Is Through Supervision

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Alternatively, one of the most common methods used to manage an employee’s stress level is through supervision. As previously stated, social workers who work within the child welfare system can use daily debriefing based on the critical incidents that occur with this population. For example, from personal experience of being a supervisor over case managers working with children, supervision was crucial not only for myself but for the caseworkers. The caseworkers were able to release their emotions, concerns, and possible fears when dealing with their clients and their family. Huss (2012) shows how employees use supervision to cope and discuss stressful situations, however, it is explained how supervision is beginning to suddenly decrease. Huss (2012) describes how supervision is beginning to decrease, which can be due to the possible lack of supervisory positions or funding. This is an example of why the current practices, i.e. EPA, supervision, and OD, need to change within organizations. Based on personal experience, in order to help manage an employees’ stress, an organization needs to ensure that their staff has the tools needed to work efficiently and effectively. Organizations must be aware of the stress that can be caused by the policies, regulations and conflicting demands of the external and internal factors that influence an employee’s work (Dextras-Gautier, Marchand, & Haines, 2012). Furthermore, organizational SMIs encompass the leadership of administration,
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