Improving Bedside Nurse Reporting

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Improving bedside nurse reporting The health care institution has been considering a wide array of solutions to improving the quality of patient care within the facility, and it is now believed that a suitable course of action is represented by the improvement of the nurse reporting at the bed of the patient, at the change of the shifts. This strategy is beginning to draw more attention within the medical community, but it has yet to be fully adopted by the health care institutions. Bedside reporting has the primary function of sharing patient information between nurses, as they change shifts. The nurse ending their shift would report all the changes that have occurred in the state of the patient and all measures which have been taken for the respective patient. This information would be transmitted to the nurse commencing her shift, who would then write and further transmit all patient information occurring during their shift, to the nurse coming to replace them. The emphasis on improving bedside reporting is crucial today, when it is more than ever necessary for the health care institutions to operate at higher efficiency levels. In the absence of bedside reporting, nurses are frustrated as they spend 40 minutes reviewing patient data; patients also get frustrated (Ostermeier and Clair, 2008). Bedside reporting has the ability to improve nurse and patient satisfaction and support the overall quality of the medical act. Placing more emphasis on the bedside reporting
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