Improving Breastfeeding A New Born

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Throughout this essay I am going to evaluate the effectiveness of my booklet which aims to promote breastfeeding a new-born. The main concept of the booklet was to identify and explain why breastfeeding is key to a new-borns wellbeing. WHO (2014) state:
Breastfeeding is the normal way of providing young infants with the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development.
I am going to look at how successfully my booklet demonstrates this to the mother with ease of access and range of activities for the early year’s educator to use and inform themselves upon. However mothers do encounter the problem of criticism, Breastfeeding Problems (2011):
Breastfeeding criticism is sometimes easy to handle when from a stranger, but much more difficult to handle when from a spouse or family member.
I am to look into this and help the practitioner sooth the mother and, in terms of children such as siblings, the transition.
Low levels of breastfeeding is considered as a relevant health threat for new-born children across the globe. UNICEF (2010) launched a “National Breastfeeding Awareness Week” which has continued each year ever since its initial start to promote the issue to mothers across the UK. They ran this initial campaign with the slogan “Breastfeeding – every day makes a difference to your baby”, with aims that included increasing babies that were exclusively breastfed for six to eight weeks from 26.6% to 33.3%. NCT (2010) published legislation which prevents the influence…
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