Improving Business Performance ( 2nd Ed

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The process view of work, in chapter one of Statistical thinking: Improving business performance (2nd Ed. People are encouraged to “blame the process, not themselves” when working to improve. Joseph M. Juran pointed out that the source of most problems is in the process we use to do our work. He discovered the “85/15 rule,” which states that 85% of the problems are in the process and the remaining 15% are due to the people who operate the process. W. Edwards Deming states that the true figure is more like 96/4.We may debate the correct figure, but it is clear that the vast majority of problems are in the process. (Horel & Snee, 2012) To summarize what is stated that the error is the people in this case the pharmacist it is 85% to 96% the prescription filling process for HMO pharmacy. What is SIPOC? It is model process that’s identify critical measurements for improvement, resulting an improve business. SIPOC is an acronym that stands for Suppliers Inputs, Process, Outputs, and Customer. The supplier is a group or person that provides the input or output. Inputs is the materials or information that flows from the supplier to the process, to the output and then to the customer. The Process is a certain event of time turns the process input into output. Outputs are the product or service that is created by the process. The customer’s people or person that uses the process outputs. The breakdown of the SIPOC for the HMO Pharmacy this will outline the business process. The
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