Improving Child Nutrition in the Local Schools

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The Case Study of Improving Child Nutrition in the Local Schools
The Health Department has been approached by a small group of fathers who are interested in improving child nutrition in the local schools.
• How will you prepare for your first meeting with the parents?
 The first step for my preparation is to gather information from the school and the distract website about the menu and food options that kids have at their school.
 I will make sure to listen and write any concern and ideas that they have that might improve their children nutrient at school.
• What data will you collect and from what sources?
 I am going to collect the school obesity/physical activity plan from the school district website.
 I will collect the
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 Encourage to community to plant and farm their own organic and fresh fruits and vegetables.
• When will you leave the group and turn over the administration to the community?
 I will leave the group and turn over the administration to the community after making sure that most or all community leaders understand the importance of improving the child nutrition in the local schools in case any parents in the community have any question or concern about this topic have someone to answer and ease his worry and concern.

Select one community organization/community building as a reference/model and indicate: Where does funding for many of the community organizing and community building projects come from? What type of efforts would support enhanced funding for quality evaluation of community building initiatives?
Rock on Cafe: achieving sustainable systems changes in school lunch programs is an article describes the components, processes, and initial successes of a grassroots effort and innovative project to improve the nutritional quality of the School Lunch Program through a sustainable systems intervention and policy change across a regional area of upstate New York (Johnston, 2009). The Rock on Cafe intervention was partially funded by the Steps to a Healthier New York program and promises to be a model for creating a school environment that supports healthy dietary behaviors among children. As a demonstration project, the
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