Improving Clinical Nurses Through Evidence-Based Practice

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Evidence-based practice is a problem-solving approach that integrates systematic search for, and critical appraisal of, relevant evidence to answer a burning clinical, educational or administrative question. In today’s Magnet Monday, I will further explain this approach, why it is important to us at Parkview and how our clinical nurses are making great strides to improve clinical outcomes through evidence-based practice.

What is the difference between quality improvement (QI), evidence-based practice (EBP) and research?
• QI uses existing knowledge to address internal organizational systems and improve performance
• EBP integrates best evidence (often derived from research) into practice to produce desired outcomes
• Research uses a rigorous
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It is a professional obligation that advances the professionalism of nursing and improves patient outcomes. According to the American Nurses Association, “the registered nurse participates, as appropriate to education level and position, in the formulation of evidence-based practice through research…the registered nurse utilizes current evidence-based nursing knowledge, including research findings, to guide practice.”

The Parkview RN Job Description includes many components of EBP, as it:
• Bases individualized care on best current evidence, patient values and clinical experience
• Uses current evidence and clinical experience to decide when to modify clinical practice
• Appreciates importance of accessing relevant clinical evidence by using available resources, including policies and procedures, clinical educators and by independently seeking knowledge

What research/EBP activities do we have at Parkview?
Parkview currently has seven nursing research studies in the development process or pending approval from the Institutional Review Board. Over the past two years, nearly 15 nursing research studies have been completed, including:
• Evaluation of effects of patient hand hygiene on hospital-acquired
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