Improving Communication Skills

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Improving Communication Skills Action Plan

Aim: The aim of this experiment is to develop a better degree of communication skills. This purpose will be met by using different communication skill management strategies. Communication is targeted at conveying your message to others clearly and without any ambiguity. According to Wikipedia Communication a process whereby information is enclosed in a package and is channeled and imparted by a sender to a receiver via some medium. The receiver then decodes the message and gives the sender a feedback. Communication is the basic need of a society and being unable to communicate properly may not only curb all progress, as it is paramount to all progress, but also cause
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It’s a matter of real luck that unlike many other skills it can be learned with little efforts. I intend to make all possible efforts within this short span of time I have. Pre and Post Test Measures: For exact and true assessment and evaluation of my efforts I will keep a record of my activities of week 1 and deduce the level of productivity of my efforts. It will let me know my existing proficiency and the pace of my learning and I will be able to decide how much and in which way do I need to continue my mission of managing and improving my communicative skills. I will carry on my work consistently and will make another journal of my newly acquired level of efficiency in communicating in week 6, after the test time is over. This analysis will help me in knowing my own standing and I will assess the success of my action plan by judging if I have got the optimum benefit out of my action plan or not. Action Steps: This action plan demands me to concentrate on communication skills in perspective of literature available on the topic and then implement the given guidance in my day to day plan solemnly with the honest objective of meeting my goals. Step | Week | Key Concept | Associated Action Step | Expected Outcome | Actual Outcome | 1 | 1 | Reflecting and planning. | Sort out the level of communication skills I wish to achieve. |
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