Improving Communication With Non English Speaking Immigrants

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As the country begins to grow with the influx of non-English speaking immigrants, the need to communicate has become a great need in our country. In the medical community it is especially important to be able to communicate with one another and be understood. Providing goals that will support communication, will foster the communication between patients and providers to give and receive the best optimal care. Medical providers can deliver better communication with non-English speaking patients by conducting a primary assessment, using appropriate interventions, and continuous monitoring. The world is made of billions of people from all walks of life. Each individual have diversity in areas of the spoken language, food, and religious…show more content…
In the nursing process, nurses perform an assessment by taking data from a patient in all areas of the patient. This is the first step in nurse’s patient care. The assessment needs to center around the problem or diagnosis, which is ineffective communication. According to the Singleton (2013), there are three important areas to asses when communication is an issue. The areas that are important to assess in patients with language barriers are body language, literacy level, and cultural barriers. To be culturally sensitive it is essential to understand the important areas to assess. When working with non-English speaking patients it is important to keep this saying in mind, “it’s not what you say, it’s what you do”. When we are assessing the patient not only should we listen to what they are saying, but we should watch what their body is telling us. For example, the patient may nod his/her head implying that they understood, but the body may show the patient frowning their eyebrows or look away to someone else in confusion. These are body languages signs of confusion or not understanding what is communicated to them. Therefore, picking up on body cues will allow you to determine if they are understanding what you are teaching. Along with watching body language we must also look at other areas of understanding. Literacy level plays a large role in patients
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