Improving Current System Of Police Reporting

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5.5 Improvement to Current Situation

According to five factors that have been proposed, we had suggested some recommendations to improve current system of police reporting in Malaysia which is the Police Reporting System (PRS) to ensure that the function of the PRS will definitely helped to record and transfer the report in a better and easier way.

5.5.1 Role

As mentioned above, role is very important factor in police reporting in order to make the report, received statement from complainant, and most important thing is to transfer the report to another police officers. As a recommendation, police organization in Malaysia can organize or provide a training program for police personnel on duty at the enquiry office about the use and maintenance of the PRS so that they can write the report quickly and also they know the function for every single menu and button of the PRS. Plus, if the PRS are breakdown, the police personnel will know how to fix the problem. Thus, it wills not wasting time to wait for the technical team to fix the problem and also they no need to write the report manually in POL 55 and re-type it once the PRS was fixed.

Besides that, enquiry officer also are encourage to more than one language. For instance, if the complainant who come over to lodge a report does not know to speak Bahasa Malaysia, the enquiry officer are able to speak another language like English, Mandarin, Tamil or any language that easy to understand by the complainant.

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