Improving Customer Demand And Organisational Supply

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The main objective of any organisation is to enhance the customer demand and organisational supply that significantly results in increased business profit. For the specific purpose, Marks and Spencer needs to improve its customer demand that will directly result in enhanced sales generation. In the particular consideration, it is essential for organisation to attract new customer base. The aim of particular research study is to determine the level of customers’ demand of selected organisation and ways in which it changes over time. At the same time, the paper also involves discussion on the capacity of organisation to meet appropriate products supply. The information for the particular research study is gathered through primary data…show more content…
In consideration questionnaire has been designed that tends to involve 5 research relevant questions taking into account Likert five-point scale ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree notions that support respondents to provide the most authentic response. In reference to quantitative research investigation, random sampling techniques have been identified as the relevant aspect. For the purpose of research examination, sample size of 10 participants were selected from whom responses has been gathered.
In contrary, secondary data has been gathered from different books, journals and online database according to the selected research topic. The other sources used for attaining qualitative data involve magazines, archival records as well as website of Marks and Spencer has been used as well (Bredillet, Dwivedula, & Müller, 2011).
3. Research Discussion

3.1 Level of Customer Demand
Marks and Spencer has the business strategy to become a market leader surpassing other brands operating in specific business industry. In particular respect, company can achieve competitive market position by satisfying the needs of existing customers as well as by significantly enhancing the potential customer base through offering high quality range of products at preferably affordable prices. It reflects that the main purpose and objective of organisation is to increase level of customer demand which will result in higher organisational growth. By
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