Improving Customer Loyalty And Brand Image Essay

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Effectively operating a successful Durable Medical Equipment Supplies business the owner has to integrate the aspects of quality and strategy. According to the words of Peter (2012), most of the healthcare organizations are using different tools for promoting the health care quality in a productive way. If medical supply business failed to provide quality medical equipment services to the individuals it would directly affect the operations (Gupta 2016, p.56). It is the duty of the medical equipment expert to use effective systems and techniques for measuring the performance of quality improvement initiatives and plans. Now we can evaluate the quality improvement initiatives and other related aspects in a detailed way. Contemporary best practices to improve customer loyalty It is the duty of healthcare organizations to introduce productive practices and strategies for managing the issues faced by the patients. Effective strategies help for improving the customer loyalty and brand image. Most of the medical equipment and supplies companies are using different strategies, now we can analyze the best practices to improve customer loyalty in providing personalize care by focusing on individual needs. In additional, provide one-on-one demonstrations that best fit their needs. Integrating performance that links to finance and quality In order for integrating the finance and quality with the performance the management has to focus on different price range and best value that

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