Improving Customer Satisfaction Without Changing The Support Cost Per Call Essay

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This case study deals with improving customer satisfaction without changing the support cost per call. The problem was resolved using a Six Sigma DMAIC problem solving methodology. The basic equation of Six Sigma, Y = f(x), defines the relationship between a dependent variable ‘Y’ or the outcome of a process and a set of independent variables ‘x’ or possible causes which affect the outcome. In this case study, ‘Y’ is the new account growth, whereas ‘x” is the number of transfers, wait time, and service. The Company The subject company is an IT Call Center, which is in a highly competitive industry due to it being the fastest growing industry in the world. With competition being so fierce, this creates low prices in the given market. Subsequently, for an organization to maintain market share and profitability, it must offer the best service in the market. The call center provides services to a variety of customers such as online and telephone services. The responsibilities of a call center are to handle questions from clients with problems. The company purchased industry data from a clearinghouse, which gathers a variety of information about customer satisfaction and call center technical and business performance. By comparing their company to the industry standards, they discovered their customer satisfaction was average or below the industry standard. The company’s satisfaction rating is 73% on a 100% standardized score, whereas the industry average is 76% and best in
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