Improving Education Through Cultural Diversity

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In today’s society, I’ve learned that cultural diversity is important and it has been for many centuries ago. The dictionary states that cultural diversity is the cohabitation of different values, cultural, sex and race in one definite component. In America today cultural diversity has been an everyday expression in the education world. Some have a misunderstanding of what it may mean. We must have some type of order if we plan to be successful when it comes to having a diverse school. This happens within our own learning services where our children and our students are well educated. This thesis is” improving education through cultural diversity” and how American can see it as trying to co-existing in many different way across the world…show more content…
I think it is a good ideas to teach children about what is right from wrong when they are young. I like to tell children that they can work better together when they fully understand each other. Now and days students have tons of technology in the classroom that most people feel that will help them learn. Others feel like technology blocks student from learning because they depend on google. I’ve heard some students say that if you don’t know the answer then you can just google it. Children are being raised in the technology generation where technology is everywhere. But why stop children from using technology when that’s all that is big shown on television, in the media, magazines, radio, etc.
From reading a new article from Pinellas County School District I learned that the children from Tarpon Springs Elementary school are via video chatting with student from Greece. I find that to be a great idea to have children interact through technology. Why? Because the questions that the children are asking some teacher do not know because they have never been to Greece to experience the things that the children over there have experienced. “In case of emergency, how do you get off the island” (Reeves, 2016). A fifth grader asked that question, I felt that whatever question that the children asked were all good questions. In the article it did not state all the questions but I’m pretty sure that some students had question about their school activities in
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