Improving Efficient Standards, Integration Within The Organization

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Although formalization is one way of maintaining efficient standards, integration within the organization is also highly important. Although there are numerous departments within each bank, activities are coordinated in a way that includes every person. Similar to other corporations and not just banks, various different types of technology are implemented to maintain an efficient working environment. To begin, each bank employs a phone system that is integrated across all Ohnward systems. For example, consider an employee working at the DeWitt location. If they wish to reach an employee at another location, all they need to do is dial the extension number of the employee they wish to reach and it will transfer right to them. As a result,…show more content…
Following, the person will be transferred to the correct department in order to receive the information demanded. However, each department must coordinate with each other whatever the situation may be as it may take a few different people to make one transaction. As a result of communication both laterally and vertically, efficiency will be heightened and employees may attain greater satisfaction as they have added freedom and autonomy. Indeed, many employees may be utilized to make one transaction. Therefore, employees of Ohnward may not necessarily be highly skilled employees in all aspects as each person only needs to be specialized in their own operations. As a matter of fact, all areas require their own specialized training for the functions they may be performing. However, cross training allows people to transfer to different areas within the banking system smoothly. In addition, work is done individually and in groups as well. For instance, let’s say a customer brought in $500 to open a checking account. Initially, the customer service representative along with the customer fill out the correct paperwork needed to make the transaction. After that, the money is taken to the teller to deposit into the newly formed checking account. Once the checking account is established, the bookkeeping area helps the customer with establish their online
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