Improving Employee Job Satisfaction And Employees

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Introduction Many organizations fail to understand the significant role that the work environment plays in ensuring employee job satisfaction and such employees face numerous challenges in performing their duties (Raziq and Maulabaksh 719). To meet the goals of an organization, employees need a working environment that is free from restraining challenges and allows them to perform to their full potential. Job satisfaction plays a critical role in the work environment and researchers have associated it with improved productivity as well as commitment to an organization (Bushra and Yasir 27). While high productivity is critical not only in the private sector but also in the public sector, past studies have shown disparities between the…show more content…
To researchers, the outcome of the study can form a basis when studying the reasons for disparities in job satisfaction in the private and public sectors. Research questions The main focus of this study will be to investigate the possible reasons for the low level of productivity among county employees by addressing the following research questions: 1. What is the nature of the working environment in government offices? 2. How does the work environment and workplace challenges affect employee satisfaction? 3. What is the level of job satisfaction among employees working for the California state government? 4. How does the level of job satisfaction influence employee productivity in the California state government? Research hypothesis This study will hypothesize that since there is a positive relationship between job satisfaction and productivity, workplace factors unique to government offices directly affect employee job satisfaction and productivity. Data Collection/Method This research will adopt a descriptive research design as it will help in gathering, summarizing and interpreting information to address the purpose of the study. A descriptive research design is also ideal for this study because it will provide a lot of descriptive information using minimal time and resources (Alan 214). Besides, the research design will help in collecting data on the population regarding employee characteristics, behaviors
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