Improving Employee Morale

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Discussion It is important to define the term morale before commencing the discussion. Ventrice (2012) defines morale as an emotional aspect with the employees. In a similar vein, Sornum (2010) accentuates on the significance of upholding high morale among the employees in order to boost productivity. He considers employees as important stakeholders that determine the success of any business. Most Employees report to work as required, undertake their tasks based on their job descriptions and they get satisfied for the good work they do. Employers should play their role of increasing the morale of the employees by remunerating them on timely basis and incorporating them into the daily business operations. This is a principle of good morale (Sornum, 2010). However, various reasons in the organization may result to low morale. The following are causes of low morale within the organization. Poor Leadership is one factor that may cause low morale among the employees. Low morale experienced in the workplace means that either a leader or a manager is unable to address the issues causing the low morale. Poor management style might be the cause of low motivation among the staff. In addition, employees might be unhappy with their normal working conditions. In most cases, employees hope to experience upward mobility in the organization (Sornum, 2010). Getting an appraisal in the organization is an incentive that managers use in elevating the morale of the employees. Employees
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