Improving Foster Care For Children Essay

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Foster care is something that 400,000 children in the United States, go through. I have personally been through this myself. To improve foster care for children, I have created a website along with an app. The name of both the website and app is Foster To Success. Foster To Success will especially be useful for foster youth, social workers, potential adopters, foster parents, and any additional people, who work with foster youth. But it can also be useful if you are going through a hard time. The app is free and available on iOS devices at the App Store, and on Andriod devices on GooglePlay. If you would like additional features the cost is ninety nine cents. I believe this will help improve foster care and help make it an easier transition for the children.

To start out agencies have helped to make aware of Foster To Success. The National Foster Care Adoption Directory and the department of children 's services have promoted Foster To Success. Another well-known company is Wendy 's. Wendy 's has launched their own national marketing campaign to give a voice to foster care adoption. Also, radio advertisement has helped make aware of Foster To Success. Social workers and people, who work with foster youth, have spread the word to the children. A few famous sponsors is Steve Jobs, Eddie Murphy, Colin Kaepernick, Ice-T, and more. All of them have been in foster care at one point in their lives. With a little help from everybody Foster To Success will be a well-known resource

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