Improving Front Desk Performance at Griffith Hotel

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Improving Front Desk Performance at Griffith Hotel - Sections 2 and 5 2. Problem Identification The Griffith Hotel has a number of problems which need to be addressed as they are leading to poor communication between employees. This situation is creating a culture where there is impatience and intolerance. When looking at the problems which exist, the key problem that has brought the issue to the fore is the high level of customer dissatisfaction with the front desk staff. The latest complaint is about the way a check in was handled impatiently showing little courtesy when the reservation could not be found. The issue appears to be the communication style that is handed down from management and proliferated in the staff. Examining the problems communication appears to be a root issue of the fragmented, argumentative and brusque culture. There are numerous problem present in the department, these include; Leadership which is not motivating employees. The use of the autocratic leadership style has limited value in the hotel sector and specifically the front desk, as it does not allow employees the discretion they need to deal with different jobs and queries. The leader, Simon, demonstrates a lack of commitment to the company rules and policies. For example, he uses his cellular telephone in the reception area, which is strictly against the rules. When helping during busy times he also fails to complete the task, passing them off to others. The message in these

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