Improving Geriatric Care Requires Implementing Health And Wellness

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As the vast majority of the population is increasing in age, so are the number of individuals who suffer from disease and disability. Understanding this knowledge, improving geriatric care requires implementing health and wellness. Health is known to be a state where an individual is free from injury or illness, but for the geriatric population, health is known to be able to operate at the highest level by avoiding risk factors due to age related changes (Hist et al, 2015). On the other hand, wellness is considered building upon individuals’ strengths and optimizing potential. By utilizing both health and wellness, it can increase individuals’ strengths, reducing the risk of potential harm. As a nurse, interacting with elderly population…show more content…
Bone remodeling is the process where bones are continually breaking down and reforming. This process can also lead to osteoporosis, causing the bone tissue to thin and become fragile. Decreasing a person’s strength can cause major risks for patients that could lead to a weakness, resulting in frequent fractures and falls (Woodward, 2015, p. 325). I discovered that bone density loss is non-reversible, but yet preventative lifestyle changes can reduce and optimize health and wellness, thus achieving the patient’s maximum potential (Caple & Schub). Osteoporosis is the most common metabolic bone disorder and more than 200 million people worldwide have osteoporosis (NIH, 2014). Yet knowing these statistics, many people still believe it is not a major issue because they are blinded by believing that it is a normal aging process for older adults. As nurses, it is important to inform patients that there are ways to decrease or slow down the process of BDL and improve the geriatric functioning. Jean Watson’s theory of human caring has enabled me as a novice nurse to have a greater understanding of what my patient is encountering. These theories have also given me tools to optimize health and wellness into certain nursing interventions. One specific patient that I was able to assist during my day in clinical was admitted due to a fall. Upon further
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