Improving Geriatric Care Requires Implementing Health And Wellness

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As the vast majority of the population is increasing in age, so are the number of individuals who suffer from disease and disability. Understanding this knowledge, improving geriatric care requires implementing health and wellness. Health is known to be a state where an individual is free from injury or illness, but for the geriatric population, health is known to be able to operate at the highest level by avoiding risk factors due to age related changes (Hist et al, 2015). On the other hand, wellness is considered building upon individuals’ strengths and optimizing potential. By utilizing both health and wellness, it can increase individuals’ strengths, reducing the risk of potential harm. As a nurse, interacting with elderly population it is important to consider holistic health care such as physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs to ensure wholeness (McMahon & Fleury,2012). Nurses need to be able to work together as a team to help patients return to their optimal state of health to live adequately and productively in their daily life .The purpose of this paper is to examine the concept of wellness through geriatric nursing as it relates to older adults suffering from bone density loss by using Jean Watson caritas processes. Throughout my clinical experience, I have encounter many individuals that suffer from bone density loss (BDL). Bones have a strong outer shell surrounding a sponge core called trabecular bone (Marieb & Hoehn, 2016). While this bone is…
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