Improving Health Care through Smartphones and Apps

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Smartphones are the most common “personal computer” during this day and age. They are revolutionizing communication because unlike desktop computers, they are almost always on and are highly portable. The authors of Mobile Health: Revolutionizing Healthcare through Transdisciplinary Research noted, “Mobile technology can simultaneously acquire information, process the data, make inferences, mediate a range of interventions, and provide communications with other devices and systems” (Kumar, Nilsen, Pavel, & Srivastava, 2013). This gives patients the opportunity to receive medical support when they need it, where they need it. The ultimate goal of primary health care providers is to better the health of their patients. Thanks to rapidly growing technological advances, health care providers have been given the opportunity to improve the health and well- being of their patients through using the mobiles apps that run on mobile devices. The number of physicians using mobile apps on their devices to research medical information, review healthcare applications, and consult with patients is sky rocketing. According to Kaufman (2011), “The ability to connect prescribers and patients through social media and mobile platforms has the potential to significantly improve health plan performance through member engagement and clinical decision support” (pg. 547-548). A smartphone can continuously assess a person’s physiology, behavior, environmental exposure, and other personal
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