Improving High Levels Of Performance

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According to Zain and Hassan (2007); and Drucker (1985), large enterprises like International Business Machines, Apple, Sony, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft have been able to sustain high levels of performance by behaving entrepreneurially. According to Pinchot (1985) the term refers to the development of internal markets and relatively small and independent units designed to create internal ventures and expand innovative staff services, technologies and methods within a large organization. Selecting an appropriate basis for defining BE and understanding its process is a real challenge for researchers due to the absence of a universally accepted definition of BE (Kuratko 2009). Based on the literature, the main elements of BE definitions …show more content…

Conceptual model of entrepreneurial orientation performance relationship posits that the five dimensions: innovativeness, risk taking, pro-activeness, competitive aggressiveness and autonomyaffect organizational performance (Lumpkin and Dess 1996). For the purpose of this study we will be focusing on this dimension as basis for business entrepreneurship performanceamongSME’s.

2.3.1 Strategic Renewal and Organizational Performance
Researchers seeking perspectives to enhancing performance and sustained survival of organizations have extensively in literature discussed strategic management. Ramiretz and Wallin, (2000) defined strategic renewal as the core which involves the transformation of organization capabilities that can reposition the firm in terms of its market or product mix which ultimately develops new markets or industries. This definition convey the fact that strategic renewal is an action aimed at examining critically all aspects of work (technology, structure, product, human resource) with a view to reaching strategic decisions that will assist in repositioning the organization.
Ahlstrand and Lampel, (1998) in their

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