Improving Higher Education For Construction Management

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Statement of Purpose Being brought up in a family having a history of construction; it was manifested for me to be drawn towards the field of civil engineering that possesses an enormous growth potential. As a toddler I often accompanied my father on his visits to construction sites. Eventually, as I grew up I would stand for hours admiring the intricacies of the building design. In due course of time, this led me to a path focused at making a career in construction. With a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, I now seek to augment my dexterity in this discipline and broaden my horizon by applying my capabilities towards higher education in construction management. Constant emphasis on my knowledgebase of construction and management…show more content…
My choice of master’s was clear: it was civil engineering, my focus on higher education was also unambiguous, and so was my specialization; construction management. Although, this ambition could only be realized in a country like USA where the programs majorly focus on ameliorating the managerial aspects in the construction business making it extremely vital and priceless for a potential construction engineer, an education I would have otherwise not received in my homeland. With the ambition of joining my father’s construction business, after having gained necessary work experience with international exposure, I feel the need for a program which can guide me towards the right path that will be beneficial for me in the real world rather than merely impart theoretical knowledge. My undergraduate studies exposed me to key concepts of civil engineering requisite in the construction industry. The elements that were underscored included Quantity, Surveying and Costing, Strength of Materials, Construction, Planning and Management, Structural Analysis, Design of Structures, Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulic Machines and Power, Open Channel Flow, and Environmental Engineering. The detrimental effects that construction materials and processes have on the environment, moved me tremendously and hence I decided to work towards the betterment of the environment. I began contributing towards the environment through social programs like ‘Going Green’ which
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