Improving Hospital Emergency Responsiveness

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Hospital Emergency Response Plan Hospital Emergency Response Plan An emergency refers to an event out of the ordinary that call for quick response from staff and concerned persons to prevent further damaging occurrence. In the hospital, chosen there is an emergency response plan which considers an understanding of disaster and looks at the emergency procedure that is manageable at a local level ADDIN EN.CITE Lang1997337(Lang et al., 1997)33733717Lang, ThierryDavido, AlainDiakité, BakaryAgay, EmmanuelleViel, Jean FrançoisFlicoteaux, BernardUsing the Hospital Emergency Department as a Regular Source of CareEuropean Journal of EpidemiologyEuropean Journal of Epidemiology223-2281321997Springer03932990 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_2" o "Lang, 1997 #337" Lang et al., 1997). A disaster is an occurrence of threat that is widespread in nature with potential to course loss of life, property or severe injury. A disaster may result from man-made or natural causes. A man-made disaster may be intentional or as a result of an accident; Example of man-made disaster include sabotage, hostile paramilitary or military action, enemy attack, accidental explosions or exposure from hazardous materials. Natural causes of disaster will include, but is not limited to, drought, earthquake, floods and Wild fires ADDIN EN.CITE Green2004336(Green & Kolesar, 2004)33633617Green, Linda V.Kolesar, Peter J.Improving Emergency Responsiveness with Management ScienceManagement
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