Improving Intercultural Communication Skills By Learning About Other Peoples Cultures, Behaviors, And Communication

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Globalization is credited for reasons the world we know now is unified and having cross-cultural relations. Technology, trade, business and services require inter-cultural communication and not knowing the strategies and aspects of different cultural communications will lead to many problems. Some of which my book mentions are ethnocentrism, stereotyping and prejudice. Having these problems a society would not get along with one another and misunderstanding can devastate relationships. As I mention earlier, different approaches can be used to develop intercultural communications, these skills can help you avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and misinterpretations due to ineffective communication. We can anticipate frustration, tension and decreased productivity. Improving intercultural communication skills by learning about other peoples ' cultures, behaviors and communication styles; unlock the potential for a creative and dynamic cross-cultural environment plus for keeping the relationship undamaged. From my daily life experience, I am friends and co-worker with different people from different cultural groups. Of course I have things in common with these people, but that does not stop me from relating beyond into understanding and trying to learn about their culture. From the book and my own, I have put together some ways of improving inter-cultural communication. First and foremost, giving emphasis to other cultures is an aspect that involves one putting him or herself
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