Improving Leadership Decision Making : Fear Of Lack Of Buy

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Improving Leadership Decision-Making
Fear of lack of buy-in. One of the most common areas of improvement for effective decision-making in times of uncertainty, is to avoid making decisions based only on the appeal to colleagues. Research shows that a fear of lack of buy-in or approval from colleagues should not be a motivator for making a decision. Examples include making decisions within the following motivators: a) decisions that will sit most comfortably with colleagues, b) be the most popular, or c) would be easily accepted. Leaders are more successful if they make decisions in the best interest of the organization rather than the best interests of an individual. Making the right decision combined with a change management strategy will
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Value judgments and the decision process. According to Nutt (1999), judgement is the ability to make decisions within reason. Research has shown that executive and other senior leaders leverage their experiences to make a judgement decision to solve problems (Agor, 1983; Nutt, 1999; Vaughan, 1979). Based on Nutt’s (1999) research, more than twenty-six percent of problem solving using judgement to solve business problems. Agor (1983) and Vaughan’s (1979) research differs from Nutt through the way they define judgement. Agor and Vaughan conclude that decisions are made through intuition, rather than judgement.
Executive and other senior leaders make decisions based upon their values, morals, and ethics (Bass, 1990). The literature on the validity of making decisions based on judgement or intuition shows that there may be biases attached to these decisions. In order to determine the validity of these decisions, some researchers argue that these leaders need an educational foundation on the disciplines of integrity and ethics as discussed previously (DeGeorge, 1987; Fredrickson, 1971; Taylor, 1975). However, Vaughan (1979) argues that from a transpersonal psychology perspective, biases in decisions can be eradicated by developing intuitive skills and by paying attention to feelings of discomfort when a poor decision may be made or making a judgement called based only on your
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