Improving Leadership Effectiveness And Characteristics Of An Empowered Workplace

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Improving Leadership Effectiveness In this paper, the reader will learn about improving leadership effectiveness. Principles and characteristics of an empowered workplace, importance of communication, high performance in the workplace, team concepts and member roles, problem solving styles, and the stages in the life of a group will be discussed as well as applied to the case study The Chattanooga Ice Cream Division. The reader will learn about the point of the case study, and how it illustrates different areas of improving leadership effectiveness.
Principles and Characteristics of an Empowered Workplace In the workplace, there are principles and characteristics that can be identified. The principles and characteristics can be used to help a company improve in any capacity. A company should have leaders who can trust and invest in the employees. Employees want to be valued and respected. A leader could demonstrate appreciation and value to the employee by recognizing that person. Leaders will want to focus on the customer as much as possible. A leader will want to encourage and illustrate teamwork every day. A company will have leaders that demonstrate decision making skills whether it is with one person or a group of people. One will have the opportunity to plan and evaluate performances in the company. Leaders will make policies and set standards that are enforced. Leaders in a company will solve problems, take initiative, and explain the roles of the
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