Improving Limitations Of The Utilitarian Approach

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will effect and in what ways it will affect them. Utilitarians believe that before any action is taken the subject must weigh the pros and cons and decide if the action is worth taking. This can be something as simple as which outfit to wear to something that is a life or death decision such as if they should ends a dying person’s life to save another person’s life through organ donation.
According to Nelson (2015), utilitarianism cannot accommodate a basic sort of moral judgment that many of us want to make. Nelson talks about a situation where reporters were at the JFK International Airport waiting to videotape the responses of those awaiting for a planes arrival. The plane would not be arriving because it had a bomb on board that exploded over Scotland. The mother of one of the subjects on the plane arrived at the airport to pick up her daughter. Once she
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Many of these limitations are difficult to improve and would actually make those who use this perspective take longer to make decisions since they would have to consider more aspects of moral judgment and the consequences. The first complaint was that utilitarians do not come up with all of the possible consequences for their actions. This is impossible to do. One cannot come up with every single possible outcome because there are an unlimited number of variables that could come up in any given situation. The best way to come up with the most possible consequences or outcomes would be to make a list of all of the possible outcomes we could think of than allow other people to give suggestions on what they believe possible outcomes could be. After having a list of the possible outcomes and consequences the subject would have the most information they could to make a decision. They still will not have all of the possible consequences, but they would have a sufficient amount to make a clear
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