Improving Local Health Care and Effectiveness of Hospital Management Systems

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Improving Local Health CarePage 2 Improving Local Health Care Effectiveness of Hospital Management Systems Question No.1 Think back on the last time you accessed health care services in your community (west oak lane) and make recommendations concepts that would have improved your visit. Provide specific examples to support your response. As an answer to this question, I would refer to my visit to the local hospital in West Oak Lane. During that particular visit, I was intending to get medication for the fever that I was having for past four days. While I was sick, I still managed to notice some major discrepancies in the administration of the hospital. First and foremost, the pace with which the on-duty personnel were operating was observed to be quite slow. As a result, many patients were made to wait and the hospital waiting area kept on getting crowded. Secondly, the form that was required to be filled by the patient did not had any sections where the details of immediate family could be added in case of emergency which was a major lacking since it is one of the basic protocols that hospitals had to follow. Thirdly, during my session with the doctor, I was prescribed to give take few tests. I was supposed to receive these tests reports in half an hour and see the doctor after that where my reports would be already available with him. However, when I visited the doctor again, I came to know that my reports were not there. As a result, my immediate family had to

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