Improving Local Healthcare

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Improving Local Health Care
Patricia Barringer
Strayer University
Health Information Systems
Dr. Griffin
May 24, 2012 Abstract
One of the complexities of 21st century medicine is the evolution of healthcare theories in combination with a changing need and expectation of the stakeholder population. Healthcare professionals must be advocates and communicators, but must balance these along with an overall philosophy of ethics while still remaining mindful of budgets and the need for the medical institution to be profitable. It seems as if these issues comprise a three-part template for healthcare: respect for patient value & individuality, education of patients, and cognition and respect for the realities of contemporary medicine. Modern healthcare is so complex, so rife with new technologies, new procedures, and new expectations from stakeholders, that the contemporary nurse and physician need all the tools possible to pull for varied situations. Change can occur at many levels of society from the micro to the macro. Some change happens because it is mandated; some happens based on a unique idea that then becomes disseminated outward and upward. However, it is clear that technological advances have changed the paradigm of healthcare through computing, the Internet, electronic medical records, and more. This trend is likely to continue and we must be mindful that we do not lose the nature of advocacy and care within the technological model.

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