Improving Management Styles Essay

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Improving Management Styles and Their Function
     In the article When the Problem is Management, author Lawrence Sawyer takes a look at the different styles that managers have in their practice, how they can better perform their functions and how they relate to the four basic functions of management. As an internal auditor, Mr. Sawyer provides some insight to these managers in helping them and their departments make better use of the tools they have and points out what basic function they are violating. This article and its basic points relate directly to the assigned 1st week’s reading in our Management 330 textbook and is an excellent example in how to relate the reading to a real life example. Ways to improve
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While supervision could not possibly take place on every single order, the advisory was made to review random samples and make sure proper directives were maintained.
The function of directing “is the process of moving resources toward objectives and goals.” (Sawyer pp.7) It is also made clear that people are most motivated to accepting or conforming to an idea or directive when they see it directly affecting them.
Controlling is properly placed after the directing function, as it helps to ensure that action is taken to achieve the objectives and goals placed. Much of this is comparing results with past or desired results and correcting any uncovered problems.
A direct relation is made with these four functions and that of the purpose of management. By using them to their advantage, a good manager can handle any situation that comes to his attention, while a manager that doesn’t have a sound understanding may waver in his decision-making.
Sawyer goes on to note that there are four different models of management that have developed and are currently in use. The first being autocratic portrays the manager

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