Improving Medication Communication And Medication

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Improving Medication Communication People become ill every day and need medications to help them fight whatever disease or infection they may be suffering from. Medications play such a vital part in human lives today. Physicians are always coming up with new medications that they would like to try for a certain illness. As patients get prescribed new medications they need to be taught the purpose and the side effect of the drug. Communicating the purpose and side effects of drugs are vital components for patient safety and also compliance. The need to educate patients about the medications they are receiving is becoming more and more important. Patients may have no idea why they are taking the medication that they are prescribed. When patients know why they are taking a medication and what some of the side effects are to that medication they are able to keep themselves safe. Patient safety related to medication communication is something that may be overlooked in settings that prescribe medications. The more knowledgeable the patient is about the medications they are taking the better they are to understand their specific disease process and improve their own safety. “A patient’s understanding of his or her medications is vital to a satisfactory patient experience and it also drives safety and quality” (Improving Medication Communication with Ask 3/Teach 3, 2013).
Scholarly Journals Related to Improving Medication Communication The Hospital Value-Based Purchasing (VBP)…
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