Improving Motivation

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Diagnosing and Improving Motivation Motivation is a multi-faceted process, and it is important to understand that all of these facets need to be running smoothly in order for workers to be motivated to perform at high levels. If just one component is low, motivation to perform well will also be low (Pritchard & Ashwood, 2008). When a manager finds motivation within their team to be low, it is important to take immediate and complete action. A four-step process that includes planning, evaluation of current motivation levels and diagnosis of the problem(s), identifying possible solutions, and finally going forward with the appropriate solutions and measuring results. In the case study: “Diagnosing and Improving Motivation…show more content…
She was fantastic at change management and motivating her four sales mangers in the process of motivating their individual teams. She began by changing the sales force’s customer service emphasis. Her first initiative was to find out which customer targets her sales people felt were most important and then sent each of her four managers to speak with key consultants from their marketing, compliance, service, and accounting departments to get a handle on what sales components were important to them (Pritchard & Ashwood, 2008). What I found most impressive was that Jessica noticed that her mangers were overwhelmed by the breadth the information they received from these meetings and quickly put out the fire by assisting them in finding the information’s key components allowing them to organize their information and initiate a plan as a team. The plan was put into action and Jessica looked into a commissions reimbursement program that rewarded the highest achievers on a larger scale. It worked and within After two of her key managers were promoted off of her team, Jessica would need to start the program all over again with their replacements. With all of the previous experience behind her, this should be quite easy. Since the programs beginning was only a few months back, this would be a perfect time to shuffle groups a little and put the lesser motivated sales people on the new teams with a few high performers to bounce ideas off of. She
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