Improving My Writing Skills Essay

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This particular article has been of quite some help with improving my writing abilities! Do you ever find yourself rewriting instead of writing? If you are a writer and are in need of helpful hints with what I think is the most important part of the writing process, revision. In Internal Revision the author, Donald Murray, emphasizes this writing skill that is the least used but one of the most important. In the first place, some writers do not actually know what the term rewriting is. Rewriting basically says the definition in itself, re-writing. It could also be the process of improving what you are writing. For some people, like myself, when I hear “rewrite” it is usually followed with a sigh and an “UGH”. I think of it as time consuming and just a burden.
I have to reconsider these feelings, mainly because if I want my writing to improve I need to take the time to look things over again.I tend to have these feelings towards rewriting because it use to be a punishment for me. If you did not score high on a test, the teacher would make you rewrite the whole definition of a word numerous times until you could get it correct. I think this writing skill is the least researched because of laziness. I can say for myself that it is quite an accurate statement.
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The steps are prevision, vision, and revision. In my opinion, writers rely on these certain steps to begin the writing process. These certain steps are the ones I use, there is no exact writing process because every writer is different. Since this article talks about revision, it only makes sense to explain what this is. In this article Murray states that revision is what the writer does after a draft is completed to understand and communicate what has begun to appear on the page. When revising it is important to read what you have written. Eventually, the draft usually changes as you alter your
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