Improving Operational Efficiency At Uber Using Multi Cultural Virtual Teams

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This report is written to find ways to improve operational efficiency at Uber using multi-cultural virtual teams. Uber is an international company that operates though a mobile app that allows users to request a trip. The service is available in 66 countries and 507 cities worldwide. There are around 1.1 million of drivers around the world, drivers are from different background and cultures. The revenue in 2015 was $1.5 billion of dollars. Uber has a multicultural team of drivers around the world that are trained virtually with training videos, and readings. In order to improve operation efficiencies at Uber is necessary to find a way to communicate Uber drivers with other Uber drivers. In 2015 Blinkr app was developed to help drivers to communicate between them. However, there are still communication issues between drivers, and Uber must spend money on research to create a better way for drivers to communicate and improve operational efficiencies. Context Uber is a company that I personally admire. It is such a great smart idea to have people around the world driving other people, and the company just receives the money by controlling all virtually. I like to use Uber when I travel, it is a reliable service, and it saves me money and time. After developing this report, I expect to learn more about the company itself, how efficient the company manages its operations. How the drivers are hired, it is all virtually? How the drivers communicate with other Uber drivers? I

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