Improving Organization Retention Essay

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Improving Organizational Retention PSY/435 September 13, 2010 Improving Organization Retention Employee retention is the solution for improving organizational performance (Dey, 2009). An organization who wants to ensure they keep their employees from leaving their business to work for a rivalry organization is to maximize job satisfaction. To maximize job satisfaction the organization will need to make changes to their training process to ensure that each employee fully understands his or her position in the company. The company should also speak with the employees on how they feel about their job (Spector, 2008). An organization that can create a friendly atmosphere for the employees will have a better chance of keeping them.…show more content…
Some incentives may be a good idea in an organization such as JC’s Casino. For an organization to cut down on employee retention the recommendations of the Industrial/Organizational psychologist plays a huge part in this factor. Depending on the type of organization will decide what type of training method should be used. For a casino the possibilities of using these three training methods are very likely. First, the training method of using a conference type setting for new hires to all train at once. Second, the casino may consider using on-the-job-training. This training method is one where the new hire watches and copies what a trainer is showing them how to do. Third, if the employer is knowledgeable about individual personalities then he or she may use the audio/visual instruction as a training method. Another training possibility, the employer may enforce dealer school upon all employees who deal card of some type. One other way of improving job satisfaction could be to have a job fair for hiring housekeeping staff. When the company hires new housekeeping, then this will cut back on their part-time employees having to work double the load than usual. Those individuals continuously absent from work should have a warning and a consequence. The consequence after the warning has been submitted a certain amount of times should then be
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