Improving Own Practice (Dtlls)

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DTLLS Module 2 Task 3 Improving Own Practice Sharon Baker In order to improve our own practice as a teacher, lesson planner and a professional in a teaching organisation working with others, it is important that we take account of feedback from various sources and evaluate our own performance on a regular basis. As Wilson, suggests: ‘recognition that your performance can be improved is accepting that whatever does (or does not) happen in the classroom is in the hands of the teacher’ (2009, p.104) The first way of evaluating performance may be through self-evaluation, either via a reflective journal or by writing an evaluation on a lesson plan or scheme of work. After each lesson I deliver, I write a short evaluation which has…show more content…
In a recent observation I received a ‘good’ grade but found the feedback on areas for development particularly useful. I am now aware that I need to have a stronger procedure in place for dealing with latecomers and that I need to provide even greater differentiation in difficulty level of tasks for entry level learners. Awarding bodies also provide very useful feedback on the assessment procedures used. In a recent EV visit it was noted that ESOL assessors needed to annotate learners’ work more carefully. This feedback was noted and better practice can be incorporated into future assessment work. Teaching and learning is a two-way process and as teachers we can gain an extraordinary amount by listening to feedback from others, by evaluating our own performance regularly and by reflecting on our own practice. We should see areas for development not as negative features of our own teaching but as an opportunity to make teaching even more effective. It is particularly important to listen to our learners – their voice must be heard and their comments taken account of at all levels in an organisation. 817 words References WILSON, L. (2009) Practical Teaching. A guide to PTLLS & DTLLS. Delmar, Cengage Learning, Hampshire

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