Improving Patient Care And Quality Of Health Care

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Nurses and providers have an important role to play in the health care system. Monitoring patient to staff ratios is an essential feature in ensuring patient safety and quality of health care provided (Manion, 2012). Adequate staffing is a key requirement for nurse retention and patient care. While on the other hand, inadequate staff ratios endanger the patient’s life and the quality of care provided by driving the nurses away from their profession (Connecticut, 2000). In essence, high patient to staff ratio have a significant effect on patient care and the quality of health care provided. Different studies have shown increased patient mortality due to the high patient to staff ratios in health care organizations. Additionally, low staffing affects the nurse’s job satisfaction leading to low performance, hence poor patient care and quality care services (Connecticut, 2000). Most hospitals are faced with two emergency conditions. One is the outpatient emergency rescue and the serious patient complications in the departments. Nurses with a higher patient caseload experience lower performance in their jobs due to job-related burnout (Manion, 2012). Additionally, high patient caseloads in hospitals elevate stress among the health care providers, leading to lower performance with poor quality health care services (Kalra, 2011). The high patient ratio in hospitals coincides with poor physical environment and communication between the staff. Hospitals with lower staff ratios also
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