Improving Patient Care At The Nurse Manager

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Several methods are used to improve patient care by mitigating the cultural barriers. One method is to use in-services that cover different cultural beliefs to improve patient-centered care. Another method is for the staff to do competencies on areas they are having trouble with. Usually the competency takes the form of a project that demonstrates different cultural beliefs. The staff also takes classes that are updated continuously. For example in the case of the problem with the lesbian couple, the nurse manager now has to make sure that the classes are updated to address this issue. In the end, according to the nurse manager, you have to remember that you want this day to be a happy event for the family (Nurse manager, personal…show more content…
According to the nurse manager, there are several methods in place to help with open communication and to disperse information across the teams. Emails are used for communication and there are also team meetings to keep everyone abreast of events. There is also the use of the “potty press” in the bathroom which displays information that the teams should be made aware of on a board in the bathroom. The “potty press” is updated frequently. Integrating evidence based practice helps with providing the best possible care to the patient. The nurse manager provided several examples of nursing practices that had been changed in the last year based on current best evidence and cited data that showed that this led to an improvement in the quality of care. She said that the hospital now has an obstetrician/gynecologist (OBGYN) in house at all times because it reduces the time in which to provide critical care. Recently they had to perform an emergency cesarean section and because they had an OBGYN in house, they were no fatalities. Another example is the use of nitrous oxide that has a ratio of 50% nitrogen and 50% oxygen to help with pain management. The nitrous is not continuous but is only activated when you bring it to your mouth. The Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems
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