Improving Patient Care

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Improving Patient Care and Quality Utilizing the Electronic Health Record Melissa Fuller HCA 417 John Saindon April 29, 2013 Improving Patient Care and Quality Utilizing the Electronic Health Record Improving patient care is a process that always has room for improvements. It is important to make sure patients receive the best quality care available. "Studies suggest that high quality patient care relies on careful documentation of each patient 's medical history, health status, current medical conditions, and treatment plans" (Glandon, Smaltz, & Slovensky pg.3). To help with the process of quality care for patients HIPAA laws have been set in place. "The Administrative Simplification provisions of the Health…show more content…
It is easier for them to express all their feelings and whatever else bothers them. Patients are able to be themselves when they are in their own environment and this is helpful for the clinician to make his/her diagnosis. According to Dr. Avrim Fishkind, a psychiatrist in Houston has had an estimate of 60,000 participants with videoconferencing, and around about six people that refused it. "In many instances, telepsychiatry is a necessity, not just a convenience for doctors and patients. Everyone has that one doctor they feel safe and comfortable with. With telemedicine we are able to keep that special bond and to some this is very important. Just as we are able to take college on-line clinicians can receive their education and training through communication links. Through Secure Telehealth a meeting room may be purchased at $300 month. “A web cam $92 and a special microphone $109 and Windows software are installed on each endpoint computer. Physicians connect with clinics in their meeting room by sending a link via email containing the URL and password for the meeting” (How Telepsychiatry Works para.1). Telepsychiatry promotes other Telehealth links, for example, electronic medical records. When the doctor is on a video conference with the patient the doctor is able to type the patient’s information on their medical profile while they are talking and the doctor can
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